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Get my weekly analysis of the latest fishing conditions :)

I hate spammy email. That’s why I created this email list to give you the best possible fishing advice for south Louisiana.

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I hate being sold to.

Surely you’ve experienced it before, a salesman giving a sales pitch, pushing you to make a decision you don’t want to make.

Maybe it happened in a used car lot.

Or maybe it happened in your inbox.

I know, I get them every once in awhile and once I do I usually unsubscribe.

It’s 2017 — scratch that — 2018 and I believe folks like to learn about things they want in a new way.

I used to be really bad at emails

Seriously, I was! I don’t have  a problem with sharing this, even though it’s kinda embarrassing.

As a new-ish entrepreneur I learned what people like to get in their inbox and it’s not spammy bullshit.

“Hey, buy this now!” is annoying.

So is, “The world will end if you don’t have this product right now so pull out your credit card and buy buy buy buy buy!!!”


I think you get the picture.

I made a change…

I don’t do any of those spammy things anymore.

Actually, I don’t believe I was ever as bad as others, but there was definitely room for improvement.

After all, my mission is to provide inshore anglers with excellent service, and I believe this is one way of doing that.

A Weekly Analysis

I now send out emails detailing what’s going on in south Louisiana’s inshore waters, and how I am fishing those conditions.

Anglers love it, and I love writing these emails.

In fact, you can see them for yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up right now!

Get my weekly fishing forecast

  • lfarrington says:

    I have been trying to sign up for Elite for over an hour, and it keeps telling me that I am being directed to PayPal, but it never happens. My name is Larry, and my email is [email protected]

  • Devin Denman says:

    No problem, Larry! I just emailed you, so be sure to check your inbox. I’ll get you taken care of.

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