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Hi, I'm Captain Devin and I love teaching people how to kick ass at inshore fishing!

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Who is Captain Devin?

Entrepreneur, Combat Veteran, Avid Inshore Angler

I grew up in Slidell, Louisiana. When I was little my dad took me fishing for speckled trout and redfish. He planted a seed in my heart that grew into an undying passion for inshore fishing.

While in high school I joined the Marine Corps, turned 18 in bootcamp and 21 on my second tour to Iraq. I became tough and unrelenting, eventually using that fire to start my first business: an inshore fishing charter.

With time, I learned my real passion was teaching people how to fish. I do that today using a philosophy I call "fishing smarter".

Captain Devin Lake Borgne Louisiana GnarTooth

You can learn to "Fish Smarter", too.

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Inshore anglers spend a lot of time and money on fishing trips, but experience frustration when they don't catch anything.

I teach anglers the skills and expert knowledge I have so they always catch fish and have fun!

Why spend hundreds to learn from a fishing guide? I will show you everything you need to always catch speckled trout and redfish, for less than the price of a fishing rod.

Mark C.

A must have for the newbie inshore angler. The Google Earth stuff is worth the price of admission. 

I know what to look for thanks to what I have learned on Louisiana Fishing Blog and Inshore Fishing 101. I was able to find the fish!


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Hey Devin, just finished reading through the whole course. Absolutely amazing! Learned more in this course than I would ever know on my own. Can't wait to apply this stuff on the water!