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You’ve arrived to the best inshore fishing resource for speckled trout and redfish on the Internet, the Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Hi, my name is Captain Devin and welcome to my website. I am a former charter captain, tournament angler and inshore fishing addict!

Some people build fishing boats, others make fishing tackle but I offer fishing knowledge.

Louisiana has the Best Inshore Fishing in the World

Fishing for speckled trout and redfish is the crown jewel of angling in Louisiana because Louisiana boasts the world’s most generous creel limits. If you’ve never been to the vast marshes and saltwater bays of Louisiana’s coast then you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

It doesn’t matter if you never held a fishing rod in your life or if you are an expert angler. Fishing in Louisiana is plain fun!

I want people to have fun fishing. I also love to teach people how to fish. That is why I created this site and its many resources: to help people Fish Smarter.

What is Fishing Smarter?

I am a  student of the marsh and strive to think outside the box. I work to understand fish behavior and try new techniques. When I do this, I succeed by catching fish. This is “fishing smarter” at its core.

I will show you how

I provide an arsenal of fishing knowledge for you to enjoy. We have fishing podcasts, fishing reports and tons of fishing articles to show you the way.

I am also the lead instructor at my online school. There I teach you everything from the foundation of inshore angling to advanced tactics and techniques.

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Fishing Articles

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Fish Behavior

It will help you learn, and learning is part of Fishing Smarter!

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What is that yellow tag? It’s good to know before you catch one.

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Inshore Fishing Course
Catch Fish

Inshore angers invest in a lot of tackle and equipment, but rarely do they get the opportunity to invest in knowledge. Now they get their chance with this inshore fishing course.

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