CATCH FISH in louisiana'S marsh using expert fishing knowledge

Captain Devin

Devin Denman

Catching fish is like solving a puzzle. 

Over the years I discovered the pieces to that puzzle. I provide them right here on my Blog. 

I do this because I believe fishing is more than "just fishing".

It's a way to improve ourselves, enrich our lives and promote conservation of Louisiana's beautiful wetlands.

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This is My Story

Entrepreneur, Combat Veteran, Avid Inshore Angler

I grew up in Slidell, Louisiana. When I was little my dad took me fishing for speckled trout and redfish. He planted a seed in my heart that grew into an undying passion for inshore fishing.

While in high school I joined the Marine Corps, turned 18 in bootcamp and 21 on my second tour to Iraq. I became tough and unrelenting, eventually using that fire to start my first business: an inshore fishing charter.

With time, I learned my real passion was teaching people how to fish. I do that today using a philosophy I call "fishing smarter".

Captain Devin Lake Borgne Louisiana GnarTooth

You can learn to Fish Smarter, too.

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Inshore anglers spend a lot of time and money on fishing trips, but experience frustration when they don't catch anything.

I will show you the skills & knowledge you need to always catch speckled trout & redfish, and save you a lot of $$$ and time in the process.

I know what to look for thanks to what I have learned on Louisiana Fishing Blog and Inshore Fishing 101. I was able to find the fish!

Inshore Fishing 101

Inshore Fishing 101

Inside Inshore Fishing 101 you receive the knowledge needed to consistently catch fish and safely navigate the marsh. 

Discover these time-tested techniques and what tackle works. Find biting fish and know what to do when the fishing gets tough.

Inshore Fishing 201

Inshore Fishing 201 builds upon the foundation of Inshore Fishing 101.

Anglers receive the advanced skills and knowledge to catch fish in scenarios conventional methods fail.

Grip for Jigging with Baitcaster
Sight Fishing Mastery School Sign Up

Sight Fishing Mastery School

Sight Fishing Mastery School gives you the skills and knowledge you need to locate, see and catch redfish in crystal-clear water.

This course will change how you fish and, honestly, you may never fish in any other way once you do!

New things learned

I like that I can go back through the course and make lists and notes. Very good videos. I liked a lot about it. It made me feel part of a group with the question and answer portion.

Michael G.

Fishing is time on the water.

I wish I'd taken Inshore Fishing 101 earlier in my fishing timeline.

I think the course is great to help flatten the curve for newbies or the anglers who just fish at random times.

Seth S.

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot!

I loved the decision making process about how to find fish and catch them when I got there. I've been fishing my whole life but never took a pragmatic approach to finding the fish until seeing it all put together like Captain Devin did.

Inshore Fishing 101 helped me take all of the pieces I had learned over the years of being in the marsh and put them together to catch fish reliably.

Brian R.