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Hi, my name is Captain Devin and welcome to my website. I am an avid inshore angler, former charter captain and compete in redfish tournaments. The knowledge I have used to achieve success I share here on the Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Fishing for speckled trout and redfish is the crown jewel of angling in Louisiana because Louisiana boasts the world’s most generous creel limits. If you’ve never been to the vast marshes and saltwater bays of Louisiana’s coast then you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime. I live for these experiences and share them on this website.

Louisiana has the Best Inshore Fishing in the World

Come on in, stay awhile and learn about our culture of Fishing Smarter. We are students of the marsh and strive to think outside the box, understand fish behavior and try new techniques. This is Fishing Smarter at its core.

We Show you how to Catch More Fish

We share how we Fish Smarter through our arsenal of content. We put the very best knowledge and insights into articles that entertain, inspire and educate. We are there at the ground level, fishing the same waters you do, putting what we know into an easy-to-understand format. With insightful discussion and angler interviews, our Inshore Interviews podcast gives you the information you need to succeed on the weekends. Listen in to our podcast and learn our guest’s secretive fishing tactics and techniques.

We have the Latest Fishing Reports

We also operate a fishing report forum, called Louisiana Fishing Reports, that is open to the public and free to use. Our fishing reports are provided by a community of anglers who also strive to Fish Smarter and have the catches of fish to prove it. When you have the latest fishing reports you have the freshest intel and know where to go to catch fish in Louisiana!

We have what you need to become a skilled angler

You can Fish Smarter, too. Join us by beginning your journey in inshore angling. This entire site is geared to help you go from zero to hero in the Louisiana marsh. Whether you are brand new or an experienced angler there is something for you to have here. You can learn as much as you want, but you can also contribute. If you’re not sure, then see our glowing testimonials.

Listen to how anglers find success in the marshes of Louisiana

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Fishing Articles

Understanding Fishing Hooks Part One
Tackle & Equipment

It’s elementary knowledge that is often overlooked in favor of other things. However, mastering the basics is part of Fishing Smarter!

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How to Tie a Double Rig
Tackle & Equipment

Trout fishing is fast and furious in Louisiana. Learn how to tie a Double Rig and throw gasoline on the flames next time the trout are eating up!

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How to Properly Rig Jigheads and Soft Plastics
Tackle & Equipment

The devil is in the details when it comes to knowing how to properly rig jigheads and soft plastics. Catch more fish by avoiding these common rigging mistakes!

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How to Remove Twist from Fishing Line
Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to remove twist from fishing line is pertinent to the performance of your fishing reels. Watch this video and never lose a cast to twisted fishing line again!

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Catching Specks and Reds during the Dog Days of Summer
Catch FishFish BehaviorFishing Conditions

Don’t let the extreme heat melt your chances of success. Fishing is still as good as ever, just use these simple strategies. Then you will be a player in finding success catching specks and reds during the dog days of summer.

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Louisiana Flood of 2016

The devastation is worse than Katrina and the media refuses to acknowledge it. We need your help to spread the news. Click to learn how.

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