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Fishing GPS

Bringing a GPS on a charter: What to do and what not to do.

It’s a threat to a fishing guide that comes in a small and virtually undetectable package. It’s about as scary as space alien invasion for those of us who make a living off of guided fishing trips.

Tide Charts Don't Work

Tide Charts Don’t Work Anymore

Tide charts belong in the museum with dinosaur bones. Sounds crazy, but let me tell you why.

Good Angler

Being a Good Angler: It’s a Mindset

This defines a fisherman and how well he fishes. Fact is, your mindset will make or break you as an angler long before you set the hook on anything.

lots of redfish

High Water + Strong Winds + These Tactics = Catching Limits

I have been fishing shorelines near “big water” that is protected from strong wind. Read on to learn exactly where.

Speckled Trout in Hand

All the small things!


These seemingly insignificant practices add up to a successful day on the water.

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