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lots of redfish

High Water + Strong Winds + These Tactics = Catching Limits

I have been fishing shorelines near “big water” that is protected from strong wind. Read on to learn exactly where.

Speckled Trout in Hand

All the small things!


These seemingly insignificant practices add up to a successful day on the water.

St. Malo on Lake Borgne

The history that surrounds us: Bayou St. Malo

Louisiana is rich with histories of people who have since come and gone. Their struggles, victories, their hopes and aspirations still manifest in my imagination every time I go fishing.

fishing jigheads

Friendly reminder on fishing technique and plastics.

Don’t let this simple mistake sabotage your fishing trip.

Fishing Rod Holders

Spinning Reel Review: Shimano Sahara 4000FD

Your fishing reel probably isn’t that great. It casts awfully, is slippery and has a crappy drag. Take a minute to learn what works best for me on my fishing charter.