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How long did this redfish grow in 6 months

How long did this redfish grow in 206 days?

He was at large for 206 days before being recaptured (and re-released). So how long did he grow in that span of time?

MRGO Long Rocks Trout Recapture

Where Some of My Trout Have Been Recaptured

Earlier this month we caught, tagged and released a good deal of speckled trout at the MRGO Long Rocks. It’s only been a couple weeks, but there is what happened to some of them.

what in the hell is this fish

Identifying this Mystery Bait Fish

We were fishing Delacroix when a trout coughed up this weird thing. We had no idea what it was, but now we do!


Catch Redfish Here When The Water Gets High

Catching redfish gets tough when water levels soar, but these locations are where I catch limits anyways.

what i learned at the redfish jubilee

What I Learned at the Redfish Jubilee

Just because redfish are there doesn't mean they'll bite, and this non-fishing trip proved exactly that. This blog post explains why.

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