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Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn Proves Old Farts Are Still Kick Ass Anglers

Rick Clunn eats millenials for breakfast on the world's most elite tournament trail. Read on to learn how he pulls it off at the ripe young age of seventy two.


What was the first fish in outer space?

Many animals have been to space, but do you know what the first fish to outer space was? Chances are you’ve held one in your hand! Read on to learn more.


Do These Three Things to Get Invited Again

Finally invited to go fishing? Do these things and it’s virtually guaranteed you’ll get to go again!


Yesterday at the Sportsman Show

You’ve heard “the proof is in the pudding”. Yesterday, I got to see that pudding.


Why I Don’t Do Guided Trips

Folks often reach out to book a trip, and are confused when I politely decline. Let me explain why I’m not a fishing guide.

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