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Why I Don’t Do Guided Trips

Folks often reach out to book a trip, and are confused when I politely decline. Let me explain why I’m not a fishing guide.


The Greatest Inshore Memorial an Angler Could Ask For

It’s amazing. You know this man had awesome friends.


On War, Coming Home, and Inshore Fishing

Proof it’s more than “just fishing”, this is how the pursuit of speckled trout reinvented the transition to civilian life for a combat veteran.


The Sh*t About Memorial Day People are Too Sissy to Talk About

Today is Memorial Day. For some, it’s an extra day off to do whatever they want. For me, it’s a pink gorilla in the room posing some serious questions.


Cut the Crap From Your Facebook and Get More Fishing Stuff

Facebook is trashing your fishing life. Here is how to fix it.

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