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The Myths of Sea Tow Membership

Having a back-up plan when you leave the dock is as essential to your fishing trip as having the right bait.

Who Louisiana is the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World

Why Louisiana is the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World

The “creel police” from other states wonder why there are dozens too many trout in my dock shots. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know the incredible fishing we have here in Louisiana.

How to Fish Tides in Louisiana

Mastering the Tide

Knowing how to fish tides in Louisiana enables anglers to consistently catch speckled trout and redfish.

Liar Birds

Liar, Liar, Fish Aren’t on Fire (Avoid These Birds)

Knowing the difference can make you look like a hero.

oyster lease in louisiana marsh

How to locate and fish oyster beds in Louisiana

The best speckled trout fishing can be had over oyster beds, but do you know how to find them?

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