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E79 – Patrick Garmeson is an Alabama boy with a knack for inshore fishing!

Alabama cranks out some fine inshore anglers! One of them joins us in this episode of Inshore Interviews.

Sammy Romano Inshore Podcast

E78 – Sammy Romano from Chag’s Sporting Goods

If you’ve shopped at Chag’s, you know Sammy. This is his story.


E77 – Captain Nick Lapre Boosts his Inshore Education Being a Fishing Guide

This Metairie native chose charter fishing for its challenge. He tells us how fishing under pressure has made him fish smarter.


Episode 76 – Inshore Interviews Podcast

This New Orleans native shares his journey from 17th Street Canal to fly fishing Delacroix.

Hunter Shaffett E75

E75 – From Bow Fishing to Sight Fishing, Hunter Shaffett Fishes Smarter

We all have our own journey in inshore fishing, Hunter’s is a unique one.

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