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bonnet carre spillway 1

Bonnet Carré 2019 Part 1: How Bad Is It This Time?

The Bonnet Carré Spillway is flowing two years in a row, a first in its entire history. Let's take a look at how bad it's going to be for inshore anglers in its path.

what killed the bite at the mrgo long rocks

What killed the bite at the Long Rocks?

This age-old spring hotspot was on fire, but only for a couple weeks before turning off like a light switch. These are my thoughts as to why this happened.

Fish MRGO Long Rocks

How To Fish MRGO Long Rocks For Speckled Trout

Here's the best way to fish MRGO Long Rocks when speckled trout are running thick during their spring transition.

Which Lure Color Landed This Six-Pound Speckled Trout?

This Six Pounder Nailed This Specific Lure Color

You already guessed the lure, but the color may surprise you. It’s one not usually used for speckled trout.

How did Mike land this big speckled trout

How did Mike land this big speckled trout?

By employing a very certain kind of inshore knowledge to land a wall-hanger.

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