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LCBA’s Ben Weber Comments on HB391

LCBA President Ben Weber describes the impact of water access on Louisiana.


Senator Allain Threatens More Gates (UPDATED)

Why is an elected public official threatening to take away a common freedom?

House Bill 391 Fishing Freedom

Video of Committee Hearing for HB391 (Fishing Freedom Bill)

Watch as landowners and anglers duke it out over who has access to public water.

What if there was no Inshore Fishing?

What If There Was No Inshore Fishing?

What if inshore fishing were to suddenly disappear? It’d be a crisis, and that crisis would be far worse than what you’re guessing right now.

Greatest Threat to Inshore Fishing

Going Fishing is Breaking the Law in Louisiana & This is Why

It's not coastal erosion. It's not river diversions. It's not even BP oil.

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