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Welcome to our inshore fishing podcast, Inshore Interviews!

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Inshore Interviews is an interview-format, inshore fishing podcast.

I, Captain Devin, interview inshore anglers in Louisiana, and across the Gulf Coast, to share their passion and insider knowledge of inshore fishing.

The podcast is neat because you can listen to your favorite kind of fishing anywhere you want to. It’s essentially a portable and on-demand radio show.

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The anglers we interview come from a wide spectrum of background. Some are born and bred Louisiana fishermen and others are anglers who are from outside of the Pelican State. This is great because they bring their outside knowledge and a fresh perspective to the table. It really is that easy to listen and learn!

I start off our inshore fishing podcast by painting the picture as to who the guest is. Where are they from? How did they grow up? When did they start fishing?

Worst Fishing Trip

Afterwards, I move into their worst fishing trip story. Believe it or not, no matter how good at fishing someone is, they all experience bad fishing trips. I love sharing these stories because they help keep us grounded in reality. Failure is something we often experience as inshore anglers. What’s key is how we overcome it and the lessons learned.

Be warned, some of these stories are absolutely hilarious!

Fishing Smarter

I change gears and ask when it is the guest started to “Fish Smarter”. As you may already know, “Fishing Smarter” is the mantra of the Louisiana Fishing Blog. It’s what I live by out in the marsh and how all of my fishing trips are structured. Fishing Smarter means paying attention to your surroundings and how the fish are behaving. It’s about reacting accordingly and achieving success after doing so.

Feeding Frenzy

During the Feeding Frenzy I ask the guest a series of point-blank questions to discover more inshore fishing knowledge. I do this as a last resort to ferret as much fishing advice out of them as possible. This is what makes Inshore Interviews such a great inshore fishing podcast!

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