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Dipnotiq Ceramic Pro Review

Is ceramic coat worth it?

Earlier this year I had my new boat coated inside and out with ceramic. I already gave you my first impressions, here's my opinion three months later.


Duce Rods ECM69 Casting Rod Review

A medium-power, fast-action rod is the AK-47 of the marsh, standing up to abuse and getting results. Here is one from Duce that has won my admiration.

Ceramic Pro Coating My First Impressions

Ceramic Pro Coating: My First Impressions

I just got my boat coated in this high-tech protectant. Here are my first impressions.

When You Should Get a Boat Slip

Why Spending $250 on a Boat Slip Saves You Thousands

Why have a boat slip? The answer is easy to understand when you see the cost savings.

Matrix Shad Avocado on Spinnerbait

The Best Spinnerbait for Redfish

There are spinnerbaits, then there are spinnerbaits for redfish.

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