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side imaging shrimp

Side Imaging Shrimp Looks Like This

If you know what shrimp look like on sonar, then you’ll know how many are in a spot. If not, you’ll be left guessing.

what killed the bite at the mrgo long rocks

What killed the bite at the Long Rocks?

This age-old spring hotspot was on fire, but only for a couple weeks before turning off like a light switch. These are my thoughts as to why this happened.

Which Lure Color Landed This Six-Pound Speckled Trout?

This Six Pounder Nailed This Specific Lure Color

You already guessed the lure, but the color may surprise you. It’s one not usually used for speckled trout.


How I Became a Better Angler by Jigging

My inshore fishing experience is a journey of self-improvement. These fishing trips to Lake Pontchartrain are a part of that journey.

speckled trout spring pattern

Speckled Trout Spring Pattern: Complete Guide

Speckled trout spring pattern is here! Get the complete guide to their seasonal behavior, dominant conditions, primary forage and where you can catch them.

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