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Inshore Interviews is Taking a New Direction

I serve inshore anglers, and this is how I can do it best.


E88 – Ty Hibbs on Fly Fishing, Redfish Denials and Sun vs Wind

This Inshore Interviews veteran returns for round two! Captain Ty drops some good ol’ fashioned knowledge bombs.

Episode 87 Captain Marty Lacoste

E87 – Moving With a Purpose on Speckled Trout, How Marty Lacoste Does It

Dularge fishing guide, Captain Marty Lacoste, shares his inshore journey with us. Listen to what he’s got to say.

Episode 86 Podcast Chandeleur Islands

E86 – Chris Wrightson Talks Big Chandeleur Island Speckled Trout

Former Coast Guardsman took the entrepreneurial leap to become a Chandeleur Island charter captain. Now he puts clients on huge Chandeleur speckled trout!

E85 Inshore Interview Podcast

E85 – Matthew Roberts is on a mission with Mission Six

This Baton Rouge native uses inshore fishing to give back in a big way.

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